Telenovela is a Latin cultural soap opera on television for over three decades now. Today, over TWO BILLION people watch telenovelas daily on TV, in over 200 nations of the world.

Telenovela has graduated to a world entertainment culture, recently in 2007, the renowned global dictionary Merriam Webster Online Dictionary, acknowledged the tremendous popularity of telenovelas by incorporating the definition of Telenovela in her list of words.

Aderemi and Philomena Ojikutu have been foremost bloggers in the telenovela genre. He is a pioneer search engine strategist from Africa, while she is a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Moms) Activist, and inspiration to the vast army of women bloggers from Africa.

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Entertain yourselves with the full stories of Second Chance, El Cuerpodel Deseo, The Gardener’s Daughter, Esmeralda, and Catalina y Sebastian

Both are Authors of the popular e-book: “BLOGGING FOR MONEY”, and moderators at News Of Change Forum. Philomena is also disciple of Jason Calacanis, Joel Comm, John Chow and Shoemoney school of commercial blogging.”