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Mar 24th, 2008 | By | Category: Telenovela News

How should I welcome you to this new blog? We started together from the Telenovela Love Garden in August 2006, and grew to Story-Story dot com in 2007 until we reached this point of convergence here at: telenovelastories.tv

That is where we, telenovela freaks are going to settle and hang out around whatever happens in our entertainment community. You are either here reading my snippets, or at the Telenovela Forum churning out your own contributions to the love community.

Whatever you choose, be sure you will have a swell time together with other friends here.

Meanwhile, smile at what ‘somebody’ wrote about me on Perfspot

“Philomena is a WAHM (Work-At-Home-Moms) Activist, and inspiration to the vast army of women bloggers from Africa. A telenovela blogger running the world’s number one telenovela blog, who took commercial pro-blogging to new heights, earning several thousands of Dollars to qualify her as a 5-figure Blogger, working from home blogging. Entertain yourselves with the full stories of Second Chance, El Cuerpodel Deseo, The Gardener’s Daughter, Esmeralda, and Catalina y Sebastian

A Co-Author of the popular e-book: “BLOGGING FOR MONEY”, moderator at News Of Change Forum, and also foremost female blogger from Africa, a disciple of Aderemi Ojikutu, Jason Calacanis, Joel Comm and John Chow school of commercial blogging.”


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  1. phil, i am so happy and thankful for you, and also thankful to you for the good work you are doing. i so much enjoy your line of work. i wish i could just blog for a living.i actually love to blog(not only to make a living now; just as a passion) but i don’t really know how to go about it.
    don’t know if you might give me some tips.
    please, whoever is posting ‘the heiress’ should not stop.and i wish that would be the next soap AIT will air as soon as she is done with ‘second chance’

    thank you once again

  2. aydot,

    thanks for the compliment. blogging is all about passion and that is why since March ’08, we have been giving out the e-book on BLOGGING FOR MONEY freely on the internet to those who care for that blogging passion.

    after you are through with that, we (hubby and I), would freely volunteer to ‘walk you through’ what you have learnt, with you creating your own blog and hosting it in your own chosen domain name.

    I would send the the e-book copy to your email as soon as I am free from my web work later today.

    wish you a happi blogging and novelatainment time.

  3. thanks phil for your reply. i appreciate you.i can see that i have a great job ahead of me (because right now i am lecturing and it takes a whole lot of my time) but i promise to sit down and digest all you’ve given me and make something good of it.

    thanks once again and please, let the snippets of ‘the heiress’ roll in.

  4. can u please post me the full story of sueno con tu amor

  5. please mail the full story for meintras haya vidas.

  6. please send me the video of el cuelpo del deseo on my email .
    the soap is so interesting and it somehowly teaches pple who kill
    others that the spirit of the one you killed can come in someother
    persons bdy and takes its revenge slowly but sure of hurting you.

  7. pliz sned me the video of second chance
    becoz i missed some episodes which i would like to
    watch for the fact that the saop is so interesting and
    teaching to pple who kill others

  8. can u pliz post mi the full story of la tormenta

  9. Could you please post to me the full story of sueno con tu amor ?Thank you

  10. And could you also post to me the last episode of sueno con tu amor ?I missed it

  11. please an some body give me all the recap episodes for la tormenta…….please

  12. if you could kinldy please send me full story of storm over paradise?

  13. i wish you could send me all the episodes for la tomenta ( the storm) and that of saborati. i will so glad to read this thanks

  14. Could you plz send me full story of La tormenta (the storm) and that of Saborati? I really want to see what is going on. What happened to Santos, Maria Theresa and her dad. thank you so much.

  15. could u plz send me ful story of la tormenta,iwill be glad.

  16. Thank u for all de interesting stories you ‘ but how could i access la torment, shades of sin and saborati well translated in English?

  17. Hey guyz, pls help, could anyone send me the episodes of La tormenta (the storm) thru my email.

  18. hi plz send me summaries of la tormenta and saborati

  19. please send me full story of storm over paradise (la torment) through my email. I will be glad.

  20. please send me the DVD of the storm over paradise(la tormenta) or tell me where i can buy it in kenya.


  21. hi

    Can someone please forward me the full english episodes of Lorenzo’s Wife(La Mujer de Lorenzo)
    to my email address, yalcock@gmail.com

    Thank you

  22. Pliz send me the full story of storm over paradise

  23. i loved the movie n would like to watch it over and over again. please send it to my email address so that i can watch it as much as i can coz i know i will still not be satisfied.

  24. i want a full movie of shades of sin -plz – i cannt imagine life without watching nice soaps-i will be glad when this paco and palo is emailed to me

  25. pls i will love to have the full copy of storm over paradise…thanks what a soapie

  26. the storm pliz

  27. please email me the episodes of shades of sin

  28. can you send me the full story of sueno con tu amor.

  29. people i want to watch all the episodes of shades of sin-any good samaritan around their -please do send me the recaps of shades of sin-please plz plz-am really in need and i thought this place would help me

  30. please send me the story of saborati in english,what happened to miranda?

  31. please someone should send me the full episode of SHADE OF SIN

  32. l kindly ask you to send me the story reading of santos,maria teresa, and other characters in the play like the one l read in the second chance about salvador,lzabela and other characters l read but l wana lt in english pliz now am waiting

  33. kindly l request to read astory of santos ,mariah teresa and other characters in english like what l read about the second chance salvador.lzabella and other characters.am waiting for my reply now now now. thank you

  34. I would like you to send me full story of shades of sin and saborati.
    it would b grate, thnks

  35. hello, i want to commend you for your good work, i love telenovelas a lot and u helped to catch up with the last episodes of second chance. pls can you send me the full story of SHADES OF SIN as Galaxy television have stooped the brosdcast. please.

  36. Please send for the full story of Shades of sin, i was trying to get the snippets but i can’t find them. its really a nice telenovela,it really makes my day to watch it.

  37. please send me the full story for saborati and la tormenta in english

  38. hallo plis any good samaritan plis i kindly request for the full episode of saborati and lartomentah in english via ma email since i have less tym on watching plis those soaps really make me crazy
    i cant wait to receive plise

  39. Who know where i can buy English subtitles online for Catalina y Sebastian and La Tormenta (The storm). Please post the link here. I am in the USA and i have tried getting the English Subtitles in vain.

  40. Could someone pls send me all the episodes of storm over paradise (in english). Thanks

  41. Please get me the episodes of shades of sin (translated in english) because due to my tight schedule at work, i have been missing watching the mysteries as they unfold

  42. please get me full epesode of shades of sin (transaleted in english) because due to my tight schedule at work , i have been missing watching the mysteries as they unfold.

  43. please get me full epesode of shades of sin (transalated in english ) because due to my tight schedule atb work, i have been mising watching the mysteries as they unfold.

  44. im looking for the summary of shades of sin translate in english please

  45. Please send me full story (episodes) of Shades of sin. I like the soap very much especially the characters of Paco, Preta, Afaso & Jomana. I will be grateful

  46. please can you get me the full epesode of shades of sin in english. l will be very much happy if l can get it.

  47. Can u please send for me where can i get full episode of Shades of sin in English

  48. Can anyone tell me where can i get full episode of Shades of sin in English

  49. pliz can you provide SABORATI full story in english? or u can tell me where to find it on internet. thanx

  50. Hi, can you please send me the summary of Shades of Sin in English?

  51. Kindly forward me the episodes of Shades of sin in English please.

  52. Kindly forward me the episodes of Shades of sin in English please

  53. please send mi the summaries of shades of sin and saborati coz l have failed to get them.both translatde in english.

  54. ls it possible to get the full story of saborati in english on the internet

  55. please post me the full story of shades of sin

  56. Can you please send me all the episodes of SHADE OF SINS and that of THE STORM OVER PARADISE.
    In English and forward me some pictures if possible. thanks

  57. please forward me the summary of shades of sin

  58. shades of sin in english please

  59. can you pls send me the epidoses of shades of sin in english

  60. Hello,
    I like watching Telenovelas but i have failed to get a full story of shades of sin, can i have it please?

  61. please, send me an ebook of storm over paradise telenovela. its sooooooo………………… nice. thanks

  62. I love saborati but often misses it pliz send me a summarised story

  63. where can i download for free all episodes of la tormenta or buy a dvd w/english subtitle or language….please i want to see this beautiful telenovela

  64. Please kindly send me full story of shades of sin in english version.

    Thank you.

  65. hallow can you please be kind enough to send me the full summary of shades of sin please

  66. this is quite intresting that your are sending emails of what has happened in telenovelas to people and i say bravoooooooooooooh!

  67. the summary of shades of sin should be in english please and thank you

  68. please send me shades of sin i English
    thank you.

  69. ;please send me the full story m video of shades of sin in English
    thank you

  70. please kindly send me the complete episode of la tormenta,shades of sin and gata selvagem in English

  71. Please, kindly send me the complete episodes of La Tormenta, Shades of sin and Gata Selvagem in English

  72. Thanks so much for the good work. My wife and I are fans of SHADES OF SIN Unfortunately our schedulles have changed and we are not able to catch it so please send me all the english episodes to yusufmhmmd8@gmail.com.

  73. can u plz send me the full story of shades of sin in english plz?

  74. can u plz send me the full story of shades of sin in english plz?

  75. pls can u post a summary of the philipino telenovela-Timeless about Ara and Christian.

  76. please send me full story of saborati in english. and la tormenta

  77. please send me a full video for saborati miranda and the latormenta the storm in english . And they are so lovely and interesting to watch and read the story. l will be so greatfull if l receive a full video soaps.

  78. i will be very glad if you can send me the full video of tormenta en el paraiso mean storms over paradise please.

  79. i want to read the storm in english and shade of the sin

  80. i want toknow the story of shades of sin in english

  81. Pse may I know this week’s episode. Will Apollo marry Barbara? If not, how far do they go?

  82. Kindly send me full episodes of Catalina and Sebastian, and Maria de Los Angeles. I shall be so grateful because I miss them a lot.

  83. Please send for me all epìsode of sortilegio(love speel) in english

  84. please send me a full story of saborati,the latormenta, and shades of sin in english how they ended. Thanks

  85. please send me the full story of secreto de amor in english to my email address

  86. Dear Philomena, thanks a lot for the work you are doing in general and specifically for the stories for the Telenovela stories Catalina y Sebastian, Esmeralda, Second Chance and the Gardener’s Daughter. This time
    my request to you if for the full videos including that of Shades of Sin please!

  87. please kindly send me the complete episodes of la tormenta,shades of sin and Saborati. And thanks for the good work so impressed.

  88. Hi, thanks for the good work u re doing. Pliz help me know what happened from to Maria Theresa and her unborn baby, santos after Maria being put in the cell from the soap La tormenta.

  89. please send me complete episode of Shades of Sin, Saborati and La Torment

  90. This are really good soapies and Telenovela keep up the good work. Can you please send me all the episodes of Shades of Sin and La Tormenta in English?

  91. Please I kindly request you to send me the episodes of latormenta especially those that happened when Maria Tereza concieved. Thank You!

  92. Hullo, Its my pleasure that you are doing such a great Job. May you kindly send me the Video of Saborati and the First episodes of Love her to death. Thank you so much.

  93. Please can you send me the English version of all the Episodes of the Brazilian Telenovela “Da Cor du Pecado” Shades of Sin? Thanks

  94. Would you please send me the full story of Shades of Sin(Preta & Paco) as I am living to live at the village and will not be having electricity or TV to watcch the telenovela

  95. can someone please email me the full episode summary of SHADES OF SIN

  96. pleeeese someone tell me the site map for Shades of sin or the summaries.

  97. pls kindly mail the full story of shade of sin to me.thanks

  98. pls kindly send the full story of shade of sin to me. we do appreciate your good works.

  99. could you please send me the full story of La Tormenta (The Storm)?

  100. pliz woild you send me the full details of la tormenta the storm

  101. would you please send me the last episode of the storm. I will be happy if you send it to me cause am just anxiciouus to see how Isabella and Simon’s mam will end

    And please send me the full story of Shades of sin.please

  102. Please please, all epidodes for The Storm and Shades of Sin in English. I’m getting anxious to know the whole story. Please please can anyone help. thank you

  103. browncherries09@yahoo.com

  104. I would like to have the full episode of Shades of Sin (Prita, Paco and Ray). I am dying to see how it end.

  105. Please sent for me the full story of shades of sin.and the full story of THE STORM.

  106. Can u pls send me the full story on SHADES OF SIN.

  107. im in love with this series please send me the full story

  108. Can someone please send me the episodes of Shades of Sin, I would be so grateful. I’ve seen snippets of Paco and Preta story and I loved it! Thanks!

  109. Eish people,PLEASE send me the whole story of shades of sin I really do enjoy the saopy kao…or atleast keep me informed of whats goona happen to this Tony guy….and ottavio (charby guy)

  110. plz may u send me da episod of long weit and saborati

  111. hi guys am so much in love the telenovella la tomenta (the storm would you pliz send me all the snippets

  112. Please I want the full story of La Tormenta THE STORM, Can someone help mail to : tulonganamwiha@yahoo.com

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  115. pls i need the full story of Ara and Christian

  116. Who rescue Armar from prison?

  117. pleaaaaaase, send me the full story of storm over paradise(tormenta en el paraiso) i’m in desperate need of it!!!!

  118. Will someone please email me the full story for La Tormenta in English please. Ir’s all in Spanish here and I’m not an expert in the language

  119. Here’s my email address; lauritth@gmail.com

  120. Full story of storm over paradise and shades of sin will be appreciated.

  121. Please please anyone,send me the english version of la tormenta from the part where virginia”s mum dies.lauritth@gmail.com

  122. may you send the full English version of la tormenta (the storm)
    my E-mail address is judithkabwe@rocketmail.com

  123. Plz send mi a summary of Lartomenta (the storm)

  124. please send me the full story of shade of sin please
    naomi in zambia

  125. PEEPS, please understand that I do NOT have the full story for La Tormanta OR Shades of sin. When I do have it, I’ll post a comment so that anyone who wants the full story can get it. But for now please just google ‘la tormenta episodes” and click on the link that says “phorum-la tormenta” you’ll get the summaries of the episodes in Spanish then if the English translations exist you’ll get those too. Please be patient, I’m working on the translations with someone. I only speak a bit of Spanish.

  126. please send me the full episodes of La Tormenta and saborati

  127. would any one send me the full story of en nobre del amor.

  128. please I want to know more epsode of this story in english (shade of sin)

  129. thanx alot for the update. how can i get a copy of more than love, saborati? advice

  130. please send me the full snipets of la tormenta and en nombre del amor(in the name of love). I will surely appreciate!

  131. Oh my gosh, La Tormenta is so cool. I think Santos and Maria Teresa have this really awesome connection…It’s not just the intimate scenes, it’s the way they really understand each other. Even when they argue you know…they are like in this zone that no one can remove.They have such great moments together…I’d advice everyone to go to the La Tormenta phorum and check it out and post comments.It’s that amazing

  132. Please send me sabora ti summaries pleeeeeease i beg you send it to me to missjt_26@live.com… Please i’ll really appreciate it!

  133. can anybody please send me all the episodes of Shade of sins in English.

  134. kip up the gud work.its nice knowing someone is on the lookout for our conveniencies.thanks.could u pls send me the ful episodes of shades of sin.its an addiction.e see o

  135. well done champs.kindly get me the shades of sin summary in english.i m addicted.thanks

  136. I want to know what happen today on Shade of sin pls, I have missed it

  137. It’s that I’ve never had to work with such difficult people before…Please, please, please, I’ll even say it in Spanish if I have to, por favor, por favor, por favor, if you want to know anything about shades of sin or la tormenta, send me a personal email and I’ll help you, I do not have the summaries in English however, I can just tell you what will happen…And please stop harrasing me with the sueno con tu amor story, I’ve never watched it in my life….Please I am begging all of you.My email is lauritth@gmail.com. I won’t refuse to help you but i do have my limits, and sueno con tu amor is one of those. Enjoy your day to all of you

  138. Hi, could you please email me the full story for La Tormenta. We are currently viewing it in Zambia and we have just started watching the part where Santos returns to Puerto Bravo as Santiago Guanipa. Please email me the rest of the story soon. Its really interesting.


  140. a story of timeless

  141. for the lovers of shades of sin,am glad that babra n tony’s evils will b unveiled soon……..oh …….n wat will happen to ‘paloma’ in ‘en nombre del amor’ anybody with a clue pliz tel me(english version)

  142. Please any samaritan out there to email me the full story of Timeless…………………

  143. Teach me how to make extra buck blogging.If possible send me the full story of Shades of Sin tn my email

  144. Hey guys I’m currently searching for the timeless summaries just give me time and I’ll have them by Wednesday Ok?

  145. can anyone email me the full story of timeless and the storm plz

  146. For all the la torment a fans, la tormenta just keeps getting better! But there’s just one tiny thing bothering me and that is that people still fail to understand that the full story of la tormenta does not exist to date.. oh and the timeless fans, PLEASE GIVE ME A BREAK… Those summaries are even harder to get than la tormenta, I swear, you google sana’y wala nang wakas and you get a list of useless forums and sypnosises… Patience never killed anyone before(I think:) so just hang in there my PEEPS, I’ll try to come through for all of you

  147. kindly e-mail the story of christrian and ara in timeless, thanks

  148. gente, por favor just try at least to understand, the la tormenta summary thing is getting a bit too much now, I keep saying over and over but my inbox is still very much bombarded with emails asking for the full la tormenta story. Gosh, but that gets so annoying. Tell you (vosotros) what you can do…send me an email at lauritth@gmail.com STATING what part of la tormenta you are watching right now, then I’ll give you a summary from there on…it’s just that the rest of you choose not to go on the forum while the rest of us slave our days in front of the forum, but never mind that, just send me an email with the info you want to know and I’ll help you. And please give me time to return your email, I do have other things going on in my life, I’m only 19 after all…
    But you can visit the forum and post your thoughts about la tormenta, it’s really fun and amazing to read your exact thoughts written by some other viewer. I’m here for your assistence

  149. pliz send mi full story of saborati and hidden passions.passions de gavilenes

  150. PEEPS, some of you actually think I’m a rude person, I’m not, it’s just that you keep sending me the wrong emails, about things I keep repeating…. Anyway, for those who would like it, you can send me an email telling me which part of la tormenta u are watching right now and I’ll give you a summary from there onwards. That I can do…Just email me at lauritth@gmail.com.
    And the timeless fans, I tried but so far I’ve come up with nothing, will keep trying though.

  151. please where can i get a copy of ‘shades of sin’ to buy in ghana.

  152. does anyone in Namibia know where I can get a dvd for ‘Dos Caras de Ana’. i’ve watched it before ,but I want the DVD. Will you help me??? Oh and visit my netlog profile all of you http://www.netlog.com/Lauritth.

  153. I love shade of sin when will iy end

  154. keep on doing ur things play forever

  155. please send me full story of saborati in english please!!!!, send it via my e-mail

  156. hellow, thanks so much for your work, but please may you send me the full story of in the name of love, via ma e-mail plz i would appreciate much.

  157. send full summary of la tormenta and hidden passion in english

  158. Can some one please send my the english episode summaries of “shades of sin”?

  159. A few of you already asked for me to write a summary for La tormenta. I sent out 3 different La tormenta summaries, but please guys I’m now busy with exams and I won’t have time to write out new summaries for each and everyone of you. Please just understand that I have to study otherwise I flunk my year
    I will however be able to send out new summarie as from the 17th November

  160. please i want the full story of over paradise in full version

  161. The timeless fans, please go to http://swnw.blogspot.com. you will get a list of episodes there…so then maybe I’ll be left alone, but seriously though, you’ll get the summaries there…in English, unlike La Tormenta

  162. can u please sent me the fully story of the PHILIPINO TELENOVELA – TIMELESS about Ara and Christian, do they end up together




  166. pls send me full story of shades of sin. thanks

  167. I,m really into la tormenta.however I still thank the peep show for the direction to the timeless summaries,I was really in suspence of wat was gonna happen to ara and christian.

  168. please send me the full episodes of shades of sin in english

  169. PLeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaze sent me the full story of the STORM LA TORMENT please.whoever will sent me this
    full story through my email address will answer my prayers.

  170. pleaaaz my email address is jasper.mutale@yahoo.com i really need the full story of the storm,la torment
    .my heart will be grateful to the lord for receiving the full story.

  171. pliz send me full episodes of hidden passions

  172. Guys like if you really can’t look for the hidden passions story yourselves, fine I’ll do it for you…
    Just watch this space
    lauritth@gmail.com if you guys need anything at all to do with telenovelas…send your requests to my email not here on the telenovela love garden site.

  173. send me a summary story of hidden passions

  174. pliz send me the summary of the ending of india, a love story. give me a summary of everyone esp in opash’s family. thanks

  175. Sad that la tormenta hs come to an end…

  176. Hey everybody

    anyone can tell where i can watch the storm episodes, missed the beginning ones and would like to watch it so much

  177. I really am not sure about where to watch the la tormentas episodes, but you tube has quite a few videos on some interesting parts.

  178. please send me full episode of shade of sin in english

  179. Plz send me full story of “shades of sin”

  180. Plz send me full story of “shades of sin” in english

  181. would you please be kind and send me full episodes of SABORATI in english i want to know what happened to miranda.

  182. pls can anyone tell me where i can buy the full episode of saborati


  183. pls send me the full story of don’t mess with an angel in english

  184. does anyone have the full story of the storm and el nombre del amor (in the name of love) please

  185. Please can you send me the whole story of timeless. About christian and Ara

  186. Pleaz can yu send for me dont mess with an angel full episodes at my email address candiceolaa@gmail.com in english

  187. i need snippets of dont mess with an angel n in the name of love do u have any?

  188. pliz pliz pliz send me the full story of en nombre del amor in english.por favor.gracias.

  189. pliz pliz pliz pliz send me the full story of en nombre del amor in english pliz.gracias

  190. want to know how will timeless will end…and if ara going is going to marry rio or chritian

  191. want to hlp me out with the story of hw timeles will end and if Ara is going to get married with Rio or Chritian

  192. could you please send me the full episodes of *don’t mess with an angel and shades of sin* in english?

  193. could you send me full episodes of* hidden passions* in english

  194. i want to know the remaining episodes of india a love story( in summary pliz )

  195. pliz send for me the full versions of “storm of paradise” and Shades of Sin”

  196. Who can send me a summary of the soap opera SABORATI.

  197. Pliz me full version of SABORATI. I want to know what happened to RAIZA, MIRANDA AND THE LOMBARDI (RAIZA’S HUSBAND. Thanks

  198. Please i beg you send me full version hidden passions

  199. plz send me a full story of hidden passions i beg u

  200. could u plz send me a full storie of hidden passion i realy wonna know whats going to happen plz…

  201. Is there anyone who knws whr I can find the episodes of INDIA: a love story?pliz help me!

  202. Pliz help me with the summary of India a love story

  203. Dear Phillomena

    please send me the story of saborati and cuidado con el angel …they are my best story line soap operas i have seen. YOu are doing a very good job ; Keep it up and be blessed!!


  204. PLEASSSSSSSSE kindly send me the full story shades of sin(Brazilian soap opera)

  205. dear philomena.

    this is the first time, here but i have enjoyed what i swa. can you please, please do me the favor of sending me the full stories of cuidado con el angel and en nombre del amor. i want to see how it ends especially what happens to the two witches estaphania and calota. keep up the good work and God bless you.

  206. dear philomena.

    this is the first time, here but i have enjoyed what i swa. can you please, please do me the favor of sending me the full stories of cuidado con el angel, en nombre del amor and acapulco bay. i want to see how it ends especially what happens to the two witches estaphania and calota. keep up the good work and God bless you.

  207. please i need the full story of in the name of love. where can i download without paying. i love the story.

  208. Help me with a full story of hidden passion by the Reyes brothers, Iam keen to know what happened.

  209. You all seem to love Telenovelas! We want to know your favorite ones! Please vote for our Battle of the Telenovelas! http://telenovelas.elplaneta.com

  210. Please can someone send me the full story of the storm la tormenta.

  211. Please can someone send me the full story of the storm la tormenta on ultimateminx@hotmail.com

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