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I have completed with the help of Tessie, our Kenyan telenovela friend, a comprehensive site map for the full story of El Cuerpo del Deseo (Second Chance) telenovela or the “Body of Desire”.

Now that the soap has ended, you can begin to navigate through the links to the full story on this page (site map). That is how to read the story from beginning to the very end (Grand Finale).

I have labored to serve you this appetizing telenovela with a combined post from my other telenovela blog. Here we go…:

Snippet 1, Snippet 2, Snippet 3, Snippet 4, Snippet 5, Snippet 6, Snippet 7, Snippet 8, Snippet 9, Snippet 10, Snippet 11, Snippet 12, Snippet 13, Snippet 14, Snippet 15, Snippet 16, Snippet 17, Snippet 18, Snippet 19, Snippet 20, Snippet 21, Snippet 22, Snippet 23, Snippet 24, Snippet 25, Snippet 26, Snippet 27, Snippet 28, Snippet 29, Snippet 30, Snippet 31, Snippet 32, Snippet 33, Snippet 34, Snippet 35, Snippet 36, Snippet 37, Snippet 38, Snippet 39, Snippet 40, Snippet 41, Snippet 42, Snippet 43, Snippet 44, Snippet 45, Snippet 46, Snippet 47, Snippet 48, Snippet 49, Snippet 50,

Snippet 51, Snippet 52, Snippet 53, Snippet 54 Snippet 55, Snippet 56, Snippet 57, Snippet 58, Snippet 59, Snippet 60, Snippet 61, Snippet 62, Snippet 63, Snippet 64, Snippet 65, Snippet 66, Snippet 67, Snippet 68, Snippet 69, Snippet 70, Snippet 71, Snippet 72, Snippet 73, Snippet 74, Snippet 75, Snippet 76, Snippet 77, Snippet 78, Snippet 79, Snippet 80, Snippet 81, Snippet 82, Snippet 83, Snippet 84, Snippet 85, Snippet 86, Snippet 87, Snippet 88, Snippet 89, Snippet 90, Snippet 91, Snippet 92, Snippet 93, Snippet 94, Snippet 95, Snippet 96, Snippet 97, Snippet 98, Snippet 99, Snippet 100,

Snippet 101, Snippet 102, Snippet 103, Snippet 104, Snippet 105, Snippet 106, Snippet 107, Snippet 108, Snippet 109, Snippet 110, Prelude 1 to Grand Finale, Prelude 2 to Grand Finale, Prelude 3 to Grand Finale, Prelude 4 to Grand Finale, Prelude 5 to Grand Finale, Prelude 6 to Grand Finale, Prelude 7 to Grand Finale, The VERY END!

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  2. I am a Nigerian, 22yrs of age, A studen.
    I love the programme very well, never wanna miss any part of the story.

    I love Simon’s actions, though he’s a kinda rude, always angry.

    My best Actor and Actress are: –
    Andre Corona: – Although he a an agressive person just like the lion.
    Then Kitana, the spiritulist. Always a funny fellow.

    I wish to have a Novel of the story.

    Please send me the cost of the Novel (Full version)
    And the payment mode.

  3. nice 1.


  4. I hope salvador does’nt get in trouble

  5. Hi am Olivet a student ,i love the story and I’ll like to have the novel.I don’t have the time to watch it because of my lectures so i had to read it,but i’ld still like to have the novel.Thanks.

  6. hi am evangelly a student and love reading alot.i love this story very much and i’ll like to have a novel.i’m not a fun of televison,so i’ll plead with you for a novel.thanks


  8. i dnt like second chance at all,,it doesnt make sense its a waste of time,,,wats the meaning of someone dying and coming back again……again………..abegi

  9. i love this telenovela

  10. i love this telenovela and i want u to give me the full story

  11. The story is great. the cast is fabulous.
    cudos to the producers.

  12. I am a Kenyan who cant miss waching this. Salvador, you make my day, you are just too sure of your role in this game and every time you appear you have some thing touchy to tell some one.

    Kitana i just LOVE your music, can i get DVDs on them plese?

    Isabel, you are more than a model, a character that knows how to get what she wants from anyone, including the difficult ones. You go for what you want, when you want it

    Every body else just lovely, YEAH Walter you play the typical servant of today

    I wanna get a copu of the movie please help, it is breath taking

  13. help so dat i can watch this with my email address if it’s possibe.

  14. hi,
    am inlove with this story and i will like to watch the full story i will be very grateful if u will send me the full story to my email address wendvic@yahoo.com……..

  15. Pls send me d full story.i just love it

  16. I think second chance is a brilliant story. This movie is so well told . The morale of this story is simply dont trust any one.

  17. Hi,

    A lovely blog you have out here. I’m particularly thankful for taking the put up snippets of this series. It is a pain watching it here in Nigeria, but with this review I can satisfy my curiosity.

    Thanks once again and thanks to Tessie too and also to everyone that contributed. God bless


  19. please send my the full story to my mail box

  20. Please I will like you to send the full story to my mail box. Thanks very much.

  21. pls send me a full story on the second chance.

  22. send it in a full form not snipet this and that

  23. Hi rily luv d show especially salvador wit his killn body and his nyc stare well just luv it wldn’t mind if u can send me d full copy of d soap cos nigerians can rily make 1 get three of sumthg.my mail add is havfunwitjojo@yahoo.co.uk

  24. Hi rily luv d show especially salvador wit his killn body and his nyc stare well just luv it wldn’t mind if u can send me d full copy of d soap cos nigerians can rily make 1 get tired of sumthg.my mail add is havfunwitjojo@yahoo.co.uk

  25. The story is fantastic, can I have a copy of the story?


  26. can i really have a full compact story of Second Chance in hardcopy form?
    i will appreciate it.

  27. The soap opera ‘Second Chance – El Cuerdo del Deseo’ is fantastc and captivating. In short,……. I don’t what word to use in expressing how the opera is really moving me. The director, producer, script-writer and their crews must have done a brilliant job! Please, I need the full story sent to box. Thanks !

  28. I like this story. Is it possible for me to have it in full posted to my mail box? I will gladly appreciate it. Thanks.

  29. Pls send the full story to mu email box

  30. pls can u send d full story to my mail box.I will really appreciate it.Tanx

  31. This is a well done job. Pls can i get the full version of the novel and if yes at what cost and mode of payment

  32. I love this story. how I wish every one in the Donoso family would come to know that, Mr Pedro Jose Donoso has come back to take over every thing he left behind, including the beautiful but heartless Isabel.

  33. This story is superb, i really wish to have the fully story in DVD. Salvador you are man enough, keep on moving, you will surely acquire everything that belongs to you.

    Isabel, when you love someone say it aloud, dont be in the attitude of using one stone to kill two birds. cheating one’s love you will realize does more harm than good.

    Rebecca, you are too old to be young, your are suppose to be a mother to denosa’s family, a pet, a role model, than a confusionist.

  34. I am addict of this program. It really sends live through anyone who watches attentively. Please how can I get either a complete DVD of this lovely story or the Novel? It worths reading/watching everytime and its a story to have in one’s archive.

  35. Please I do appreciate good works, cos I like doing the same. This programm really motivated me to continue. I’ll do appreciate if I can have either a complete DVD or a write-up of this program. I don’t regret anything watching this events as it unfolds.

    Salvador, listen to me! YOU ARE A UNIQUE AND CAPTIVATING PERSON ORDAINED BY GOD HIMSELF. I do believe that is who you are INSIDE cos you can’t acts what you aren’t. YOU ARE THE BELOVED OF GOD. Keep it UP! HURRAY!!!!!!!!!!!!



  36. I love izabel and pretty much likes the manner in which she treats corona,because he is one selfcentered man .but for salvado i’ve got love for u,i wouldn’t waste a chance with u,man u are HOT

  37. i have never watch such a super story opera before
    Please can you send me full story, please

  38. my whole family really like the telenovela el cuerpo even my brothers and my father like it,even my brothers ffirends(of course guys) love to watch it…its very nice story,we cannot wait to see it on tv here in philippines,its just newly started,and we are very greatful that somebody posted snippet here…thank you very much….

  39. The soap is wonderful. Can I have the whole story in my e-mail quoted above?

  40. to say that i love this Telenovela is an understatement. its the best i’ve seen in recent time. the cast are all simply wonderful. i love Walter though he’s always mischevious. i feel for rebeca and her passion for Salvador. i also love Isabella, she’s simply gorgoeus, she somehow has a good heart, she regrets a past. i respect her judgement in handling domestic diputes in the house.
    As for Salvador, ………….wish i could meet him in person!
    You’l make me the happiest person if you can forwad the entire story to my mail box.
    thanks for the job well done in putting this on line.

  41. the fact is that I have never been interested in most of these tv soaps, but this one, waoh, it really caught my fancy. i love it, i dream of it in my sleep, the worst is that am addicted to it. please i do like to have the full story! thanks in advance for sending it.
    i love that guy Salvador, he plays his part perfectly. i pity Isabella for finding herself in the siuation where she knows she is inlove but torments herself by hiding the truth. Rebecca is just a busy-body, that does’ i-to-know’, i dont pity her for not being recognised by Salvador, she should look-out for people her age.

  42. i so much love the soap opera. pls send the full story to my email. or can i download the full story to a cd.

  43. The story is fantastic, can I have a copy of the story pls?


  44. i must see the whole story of this programme …………………. u bet me ……………….

  45. please i am highly interested in this movie and will like the full story sent to my e-mail box emmytk200@hayoo.com thanks


  47. Dear Philomena,
    My name is Azafi and Im an editor with Farafina Magazine. We intend to have reveiws in the next edition of the Magazine and we would like you to please write a review on Second Chance that will be used in our TV review section.

    Warmest Regards,


  48. Whao! never watched a tv series this good. the story is fantastic, the actor and actress are great role interpreters. infact, the whole thing is just amazing. i am a movie writer producer cum director. honestly Niga is still far behing. Salvador is the best but Andrea is my kind of artiste. Here is my e-mail id for the full story if possible: ifcnig@yahoo.com

  49. This soap opera is just too interesting.I must confess.It reveals the intrigues of love and the deception of women.I advice to learn from Don Pedro Donoso’s mistake so we men can know how to choose our the lady we marry.Finally,I advice men not to be fool-hardy or stubborn if everybody omplains about the woman about to be married.

  50. helloo this alison how can i see the full episode of el cuerpo del deseo i need it badly pls pls am begging you guys

  51. I love second chance, pls can you send the full story to my mail box…thanks

  52. i will love to read your story

  53. please send the story to my mail box

  54. men i need to read this story please it to my mail box

  55. This movie is simply fantastic, full of suspense and highly intrigging. Isabel is one character i admire for her carriage, Salvador is simply da bomb. man! that guy is cool. Andrea is so selfish and self centered. Well, u might say Simon is sturbon, but i like him for his boldness. Rebecca is a total disgrace to womanhood. How could she be that obsessed? It’s a wonderful movie generally.
    I would appreciate if you could send the full story to my mail box please. Thanks!

  56. im crazy about this story. i nid 2 read this story.could u pls forward to my e-mail address so i can share with my friends and love ones.thanks.

  57. Please send the full story to my email box. Thakns

  58. I will be so much grateful if you couls please send the full story of El Cuerpo del Deseo to my email address.
    Counting on you for this favour.

  59. Please, please send the full story to my email. Thanks a million

  60. i really like the series. lorena rojas, vanessa villela and mario cimarro are very great actors and actress. i hope to watch the full episodes with english subtitles.



  63. pls send me the full story

  64. Captivbtin,intriguein,mind blowiin… Pls i need d ful story.

  65. Is it possible for me to have the full story sent t omy mail box

  66. its really cool watching you my salvidor u’re cool

  67. Pls,send me the full story of El Cuerpo del Deseo to my box.The story is so captivating! Thanks1

  68. pls send the full story of el cuerpo to my box. because i have never seen a story line that is so intresting and entertaining like it. so pls send it fast..

  69. please i am highly interested in this movie and will like the full story sent to my e-mail box fatromeoy2k1@hotmail.com thanks

  70. Pls send me the full story of ‘EI CUERPO DEL DESEO’ i really want to know what happen the end of the story, THANKS.

  71. Pls send me the full story of ‘EI CUERPO DEL DESEO’ i really want know what happen at the end of the story, THANKS.

  72. I need the full story of the Second Chance because i love the programme and i’ve missed alot of episode

  73. full story


  75. hey, thanks for posting a comment on my blog! would you know where can i watch the full telenovela online? or where can we purchase a dvd copy, perhaps? i would love that! because most parts were cut here in the philippines. please contact me as soon as you get this message. thanks a lot!

  76. I love this program. Though I didn’t watch from the beginning. Can you oblige me with a dvd copy? I want to watch it full. Thanks.

    Expecting your reply.

  77. I wish i had the novel.Can you please send me the movie?

  78. Please send me new spanish telenovelas..

  79. I swear this telenovella, has really driven me crazy.In Nigeria, we are the 40th episode or there about,tanks to this web. am through with it. The whole things is really nice, the words from my mouth can’t really explain it

  80. I love the story and the way its been divided as snippet1…… is too tiring to retreive all of it could u pls send it to me in one .txt file with the pictures my email is spilkerzip@yahoo.com thanks

  81. Hi, I have watched the soap “SECOND CHANCE” but i have missed several episode. I will appreciate if the previous episode is send to me and also if i can be directed on how to get the REAL NOVEL or COMPLETE DVD/CD.

    Please i awaits your reply.

  82. wahoo what quine, one out of million

  83. wahoo what a quine movie , one out of million


  85. i need to it read here in Ghana .i mean badly.a nice show though.

  86. pls this is my first time of watching any soap on tv,i really love second chance,pls kindly send me the full story,cos i cant wait again. my mail is tundes_ok@yahoo.com

  87. please i need the full story of second chance on my email. thank you

  88. how can i buy the full story dvd of second chance


  90. i’ve not gotten the full story i requested since june, why the delay?

  91. Hi there, I am Indian, am watching this soap opera in Hindi Language….
    This series is superbe…… all the characters are well…. I feel that I am also one of them. In india this series is telecast six days a week 4 one hour on two different channels.
    I like to hear its title song very much.
    Some one can tell me who is singer? can I have MP3 of the same….


  92. Please send the full story to my box. A million thanks

  93. i don’t really like soaps but i admit this one is off the hook.i’ll love to read the the whole story in my mails.i mean second chance.

  94. hi how are you doing

  95. kindly send the full copy of second chance to my mail box.
    i can wait to lay my hands on a copy of the stories getting virtuallly attentions of all ages.

  96. pls send me the full el cuerpo del deseo story to my email box. i love ur website,keep the good work.

  97. I luv 2nd chance my best actor is salvador, i luv d way he acts and hopes he doesn’t get into trouble with ISABEL. in short, he’s a cooooooooooool guy.
    while my best actress is Isabel. she’s reallllllly beautiful. and acts well. i hope she kills an ungrateful person like Aundrey. he’s rascally. my best couples are:Antonio &Angela.
    Matilda is real crazy for choosing a hat to wear on her wedding day.
    i want Salvador to leave Valeria and go for Isabel. i really want to see the full story of second chance…….. lol

  98. hi, i love this soap very much. all the charaters have peformed well esp. walter. ilove the way he acts his role. kindly send the full story to my mailbox plsssssssssssssssssssssssss.

  99. i really love this movie so can you please send me the full story of the movie….thank you so much

  100. Hi just wanted to add comment number 100. Really like the series though.

  101. Hi, you have done a good job. Pls keep it up. The soap is really good. All the actors are matured and experienced. Please were can I get the DVD or VCD to buy. I will appreciate if you can help me. Thanks a million.


  103. I live in Cape Coast, Ghana and Second Chance is the best telenovela I’ve watched. Nothing comes close. As an English Major Student, the storyline is riveting. Whoever wrote this deserves an OSCAR if he or she hasnt been awarded already!

  104. well the person who really impressed me is Angela. she is a woman.

  105. plsssssssssss send me the full story becos i really want to see the end of isabel and corona.

  106. second chance. initially i dont like watching soaps but this one is wonderful i cant stand the suspense that was how i discovered this site and i must say ure doing a great job. pls wat next after second chance. i cant wait to read another

  107. I love everything about this story

  108. Best story and very good casting of the acotrs specially Salvador, Valleria, Waltar, Ibigel, Angela, antonia etc…… I want to buy all episodes of this sope opera …. please suggest from where i can buy.

  109. Please send me the Full storyline of the Second Chance.. I really love to watch and read it because of the suspense… great works to the Mexicans

  110. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to read second chance. Pls kindly send to my e-mail box the full story of lorenzo’s wife

  111. waohhhhhhhhhh, this is something else.
    i have never ever seen nor heard of a story like this b4.
    pleaseeeeeeeeee i will really like to have it in full
    beambohus@yahoo.com is my email address

  112. Hi Philo,

    Please i will like you to please enlighten or lecture me on how to have a standard blog like this page. I have tried but am not succeding. You can check my blog and confirm yoursef. I have posted different blogs and still have more interesting one to post but due to i dont know how to link people to the site i want them to go, my blog is failing. Please failure is the last time in my Dictionary which is why am seeking your assistant or anybody out there that can be of help.
    My email ID is love_fola76@yahoo.com or flakkyventures@gamil.com.

    I love forward to your kind respond.



  113. I wish to have a Novel of the story.
    Please send me the cost of the Novel (Full version)
    And the payment mode. Am in Lagos – Nigeria.

    Please dont fail me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.

    For my earlier post, my blog URL is http://www.folakeyisa.blogspot.com

    I await your response.


  114. its REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEALY NICE AND LOVELY SERIES: NICE JOB except that they sometimes have some troubles in clearly defining certain scenes.

  115. You can buy the dvd at amazon.com..wish they had it with english subtitles.

  116. pls were can i get the full dvd in nigeria i really love to have a copy, what a great story.

  117. This is a reall thriller!!! I think we should learn to write films like this, and not the one way writting pattern we got. Lets keep the film track on.

  118. men! dis programme is splendid. i luv all the actors n actresses most especially angela n anthonio, salvador n isabela. how i wished it will neva end.

  119. second chance is driving the whole of my family crazy. the casts is grate. can u send me the map site for LA MUJER DE MI VIDER (The woman of my life). thanks

  120. i love the show second chance. can u please send me the map site for LA MUJER DE MI VIDER (THE WOMAN OF MY LIFE) through my E-mail . (joinxina@yahoo.cu.uk). thanks

  121. puhleaze, i love this telenovela and i want u to give me the full storyby sending it to my mail box


  123. thanks for providing me with the full story but can you complete the story as i am ancious to read 68 and 69. cos ve read up to 67 thank

  124. Just discovered this site. Its a wonderful site and good job too!
    Pls send the story to my e-mail address. Thanks once again.

  125. Salvador (Mario Cimaro) U are my man anytime any day!! Can u avail me of your cellphone number, I need to talk with you one on one – I would also like your picture sent to me. I admire you a lot.

  126. rebbeca is a selfish woman
    the story is very intresting , can u pls send the full story to my email,

  127. a wonderful movie. i love it.please send me the summary of the story

  128. i need the full story now please i need it now louis from london.

  129. pls can i get the full story of el cuerpo del deseo second chance.thanks

  130. Good work you have 4 all. Keep it up. At least I will be free from the suspense!!!

  131. Pls, I will like to have a copy of the full story in my possession. Thanks.

  132. i like the programme very much. pls i need the novel. pls don’t fell me

  133. i really love the stories and want the full stories in my inbox and i am ready for anything

  134. Hi isabel,pls send me yr e-mail addres.i really admire your courage and actions in the film second chance.take kia

  135. i love el curpo del deseo please send me ful video dvd or download link please

  136. i really enjoy the story cos its full of suspense and intrigues

  137. thanks 4 your info on second chance i’ve reali enjoyed the story.i was wondering if u cld get me the story of the two sides of ana[las dos caras de ana].i’ll be very grateful

  138. the story is very facinating is there anyway the full dvd can be send to me? or can one watch it on the?


  140. i love this soap (el cuerpo del desoe. please send me video dvd or downloand link please.

  141. HI,
    I like the soap second chance.
    It’s a beautiful story on forgiveness and an opportunity to do right.
    Please could you send the full story of la mujer de mi vida (the woman of my life) to my email, ijops@yahoo.com.
    Thanks and keep up the good work.
    God Bless u.

  142. I love this story and the cast so much and would not like to miss out any scene. could you please send the full version of it to my e-mail address. Thanks.


  144. I notice that some of the site are not openning like snippet 83,88 and so on.
    how can we read all the episod on the sites. and pls canj u send all 2 my email 2.

  145. very amazing story, pls can you send it to my mail box ritabeka@yahoo.com

  146. amazing story. pls you can do well by sending it to my mail box ritabeka@yahoo.com.

  147. please send the full story of second chance into my mail box,the movie is quite interesting,i will like to have the story for future purpose.thank you Olu for real

  148. i just need the novel to complete my feelings with salvador.am a nigerian.pls send me details of how to get the novel.salove4u2001@yahoo.com

  149. It has been wonderful discovering this site, I can imagine how it would have been finishing all the parts of Second Chance with inadequate power supply couble with the Television station that is showing it here in Nigeria AIT. The show it today go back tomorrow and have broadcast problem the next day. I thank you a milliom times for taking your time to Compile this Story on this website…Bravo!!….merci…Thank u.

  150. ilove what happened to walter .next time he should be more care ful

  151. i dont no wat say the story is much interesting

    I”ll love to have a full DVD or the NOVEL, the amount and mode of payment should be made known to me.THANKS 4 ur anticipated cooperation, LUV YA……………………

  153. you guys are doing really good

  154. as much as i enjoy watching 2nd chance;they didnt make ANGELA pregnancy looks convincing at all!the espisode i watched yesterday where ANTHONIO was trying to convince the entire family dat SALVADO is DON PEDRO;showed that ANGELA pregnacy would be about 7-8months old because we ARE getting to the FINALE! ALAS! SHE IS STILL IN TIGHT JEANS WITH BIG BELTS!DO THEY WANT TO SUFFOCATE THE BABY;AM A MOTHER OF 4KIDS&NO 8MONTHS PREGNACY LOOK SO SMALL&ROUND ESPECIALLY FOR FIRST TIMERS;WITH THIER AIM TO MAKE SURE SHE LOOKS GORGEOUS ALL THE TIME LIKE ISABEL;THEY OVERLOOKED SUCH IMPORTANT DETAIL!WHICH CONVINCED ME THAT SOAPOPERAS ARE TRULY SOAPPPPPPPPYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  156. i want the full story of second chance at my email address.

  157. The story (second chance) is very interesting pls. send a copy to my email address i don’t mind the cost

  158. what happen to isabel at the end send feed me back please,thank u.

  159. hey please i beg u in the name of God almighty to send me the complete movie or how it ended t o my box pls,
    missing seeing salvador a day is sumtin else .
    i will be glad to hear from u.

  160. Pls send the full story to my email box(alexandremichael2001@yahoo.com)

  161. Hi webmaster!

  162. Hi webmaster!


  164. this telenova of a thing i cant imagine not knowing the final happening in the act and if the full part can be made avalaible let me know


  165. The “Second Chance” story is intriguing,i love it. I consider Isabel Arroyo as the best Character there. She possess a strong will, a good leadership character and above all,very resilient.

  166. […] is one other prolific writer (in the mold of Tessie from Kenya, who reviewed more than half of the full story ofSecond Chance – El Cuerpo del Deseo telenovela), who has begun to serialize the story of UGLY BETTY telenovela, starring America […]

  167. this is a cool story, pls can u send the grand finale of el cuerpo del deseo.

  168. please can you sen me the plan of the mansion used as Mr Dinoso’s house,or the picture.and also i wil like to comment on the story it is a very nice and interesting story with lots of passion,suspense and intrigue.its worth lots of gratitude.thanks i will be very happy to get it.

  169. i hate addictions to anything in life, but i couldn’t help being addicted to “second chance”.
    pls i’ll love that you send me this soap opera in full (dvd or vcd version) to my email address above. thanks so much!

  170. pls i love this soap opera, its the best on earth so far, pls send me a full copy(dvd or vcd version), my email above, thanks so much!

  171. pls i love this soap opera, its the best on earth so far, pls send me a full copy(dvd or vcd version), my email above, thanks so much!

  172. Am still waiting for the information i requested, that is, full story of 2ND CHANCE (CD/DVD/Novel), the Cost and how to make payment. I believe you should be able to assist in getting this.

    Please send me my requested item or how to source for it.


  173. The storyline simply rocks

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    Ebenezer T. Bifubyeka (Ten),
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    Ten’s Innovations,
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    Salvado – you are a man and a half. by the way, we have the same height and chest
    though yours is more hairly.
    no woman would want to miss a portion of your body.

    Andre – dont you really see that Isabell got a perfect match in the house?
    poor you, love is not forced.
    try to hook up your secretary at the Factory.

    Angella – thank Salvado for his generosity but again explain to Antonie that nothing big.
    go gal, you love him. true love is not all about one’s status.
    keep smiling.

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    Abigail – good mother.

    Rebecca – you are nagging but you play it beatiful especially when you bounce into Walter.
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    Antonie – i hated you first when you spied on Salvado but good boy – you got what you wanted.

    Simon -uhhh, me and you share the same smile. great smile it is.
    cling to Valeria cos she has true love unlike Consuelo (the money swallowing machine)

    Matilda – three men so far? who is the best? poor witch.

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    otherwise, you are patient and can withstand.

    Vicky – i like you. oh sweet virgin mary!

    Cantelicia – what a poor name?

    Cherry G – good that you welcomed Salvado, no one can stand a ghost (someone carrying
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    Consuelo – pretence is a sin.

    Rupe – thanks for comforting Cherry Guitana

    Azur whtever it maybe – the clever dog

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    Walter your a very complicated man on earth because your always the trouble causer.
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    Anita M. Kifefe
    Sulma Foods Limited
    P.O.Box 6046 Kampala Uganda

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